Pont du Gard and Euzes

This morning we saw the pont du gard. For those of you who don’t know this was a Roman aqueduct built around 50 A.D. It is the last remaining part of a aqueduct system 50 km long but dropping only 17m from the springs of Uzes to Nimes. The whole aqueduct only took around 25 years to build and this particular bridge was constructed in 10 years. Pretty impressive when you think about it. I think even with modern equipment the way the French people work, it would take a lot longer than that now Of course, I had to climb up to the top of both sides, very cool structure.
We also went to the small medieval town of Uzes. This whole area of Provence and Languedoc has such beautiful weather this time year highs are around 80 with very low humidity and blue skies i’m starting to wish I brought more T-shirts than sweaters.






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  1. Dave Marvin

    Paul, take some pics of your river boat.

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