This morning we spent a pleasant three hours in town of Viviers in the Ardeche region. It is really quite a quaint 14th century town. We weren’t expecting a lot as they didn’t make a big deal of it. Narrow streets with cobblestones that eventually end on top of a limestone cliff with a cathedral We were treated to a five piece organ recital which included Bach’s toccata and fugue in G minor and two pieces from Cesar Frank (short, lively pieces… I actually enjoyed it). Again, lots more history of senseless bloody religious wars which seem to permeate the entire landscape over here. I think it when it comes to violent painful tortures and deaths between the Catholics and Protestants, it seems to be a draw.
This afternoon, we had a cheese tasting, with of course authentic local market cheeses including Rocquefort, Compte, Epoisses, and Camembert along with the traditional baguette and Cotes du Rhone. Another beautiful 78 degree day.







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  1. Virginia Marvin

    So glad you are developing an ear for good music! Judy must be pleased. We continue to enjoy your daily posts and pictures. Love, MOM

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